Keyesport Boat RentalRenting Jet Ski's Ski Boats Pontoons Kayaks And Canoes On Carlyle Lake IL.  We have Captains service available.  Come enjoy a day on the lake!

How old do you have to be to rent and operate boats?

Answer:  18 years old with valid drivers license to sign rental agreement and operate.  Kayaks and canoe must have be 18 to operate single person unit.

Is there an age restriction to be onboard as a passenger?

Answer: Yes and No, We do not provide infants or children under 30lbs life preservers.  Therefore they are not allowed onboard unless you provide your own Personal Floatation Device (PFD) type I or II.  All passengers under age 18 not accompanied by parent or guardian must have signed indemnity form and assigned a designated person responsible for the minor signed by parent, guardian and designated person.

Do I have to have prior experience to operate boats?

Answer:  Yes, must have prior experience operating a watercraft and pass reasonable evaluation by staff to operate boats to ensure no damage to watercrafts.  If we determine you do not have the knowledge, skills and ability to safely operate the vessels during check in you have two choices 1) pay for captains service until sufficient experience is obtained to meet our standards or 2) forfeit your reservation without refund.  Sailboat rental must have completed at least 101 classes or equivalent experience with 10 hours captaining in addition to above. 

Are pets allowed on the watercraft?

Answer: No.

Can we BBQ on the boats?

Answer:  Not on the actual boat, it is prohibited by IL Law for rental units.  You are welcome take a portable grill for shore use.  Don't think out of sight out of mind, Marine BBQ grill with proper mounts are the only ones I have seen not leave damages to boat finishes.

What about alcoholic beverages?

Answer: IL does not allow alcohol in most State Parks, Lake Carlyle is no exception.  The swimming areas, boat ramps and picnic areas are State Parks.  However, alcohol is allowed on watercrafts.  Yes, IL DNR is usually there every Saturday evening at the boat ramps doing boat safety inspection and people have been arrested for being over the limit. You will have to refer to the ILDNR on specific laws and don't rely on this statement.

Is there restricted areas of the lake to boat in?

Answer: Yes, a few different restrictions depend on vessels.  Kayaks are the only vessel allowed north of the railroad trestles.  Sailboats are not allowed in other marinas due to channels not being clearly marked for safe depth passage.  Sailboat and Ski boat are not allowed in the Northeast Quadrant of the lake starting at the second railroad trestle bridge from the west side to Boulder Marina and near Silos.  The second trestle bridge directly south even with the northern silos is on 2 feet of water at normal tidal pool.The only passage between the Silo's is a very narrow channel directly from Boulder Marina with 270 degree heading.  Obviously inlets and fingers are off limits due to depth limitations.  Jet Ski are limited to the west side of the lake down to the 4 mile marker.

Can we keep boats overnight?

Answer:  No, all boats have to be returned and checked in by 7pm. 

Is fuel included with our watercraft rental?

Answer: No, fuel and 2 cycle oil is not included with your rental and will vary based on the duration of your rental. Fuel consumption is directly dependent on the weight of the watercraft, occupancy, water conditions and your riding style.  Fuel and 2 cycle can only be purchase at Tradewinds Marina.  

What happens in the event of inclement weather?

Answer: Obviously we have no control over the weather. If the weather is bad on your scheduled day, just give us a call and we will be happy to reschedule for another day.   Rain checks are valid for 30 days and cannot be used on Holidays week ends.  Week days must be reschedule for week days.  Week ends can be reschedule for any time except holidays weekends.

What is KBR's cancellation policy?

Answer: Our cancellation policy requires you to let us know of your intent to cancel at least 72 hours prior to your reservation. If cancellation is less than 72 hours we will try to fill your reservation, but if unable due to the late notice you will be charged the full rental fee. Cancelatiosn more than 72 hours will forfeit 50% ($50 minimum) of rental fees.

What if the vessels gets damaged?

Answer:  The renter/operator is responsible for all damages, lost rentals and expenses incurred by KBR to facilitate repairs. Damaged will be charged to credit card on file immediately upon being assessed and thereafter as needed. Majority of homeowners and auto insurance policies will not extend coverage for watercraft rentals.  We are working on renters insurance currently. 

What happens if there is a collision with another watercraft? 

Answer: Call 911 if there are any injuries followed by the ILDNR to report the collision and then KBR.  Follow the emergency procedures on every vessel.

What if I hit something in the water or run a ground? 

Answer: Immediately check for vessel taking on water and follow emergency procedures on every vessel.  Do not attempt to free a vessel aground without speaking with a KBR staff member.  We will guide you through reasonable procedure to remedy the problem before coming out to assist.  There are additional charges to assist on the water and shore inspections for damage, see rental agreement for prices.

How many people can ride on a Jet Skis and can we tow inflatable?

Answer: Jet Skis are 3-seat watercraft with a weight capacity of 600 lbs.  Certain jet skis can tow a single person inflatable.  IL law includes rider on inflatable as passenger on towing watercraft and must have spotter on watercraft.  Therefore you must have two people on the jet skis and one on inflatable.

Can we bring our own watersports items?

Answer:  No, we have restrictions from the insurance company

 How many people can we take on each craft?

Answer: Look at the passenger rating on the rental rates page for the craft of your interest.



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